Journal für Mathematik-Didaktik

, Volume 19, Issue 1, pp 3–45

Einstellungen gegenüber Mathematik bei Mathematiklehrern

  • Stefan Grigutsch
  • Ulrich Raatz
  • Günter Törner

DOI: 10.1007/BF03338859

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Grigutsch, S., Raatz, U. & Törner, G. JMD (1998) 19: 3. doi:10.1007/BF03338859


During the Didactics Congress in Duisburg in 1994, a questionnaire of over 300 secondary mathematics teachers was conducted to extract varying views of mathematics and its structure.

Attitudes towards mathematics were extremely complex and diverse in nature. Mathematics was described by the teachers as being refined and structured. The aspects of formalism, schematic orientation (short: scheme), process and application wnich are known from former research could be reproduced by a factor analysis from the 77-item questionnaires. These are dimensions around which the teachers structure their recognition and cognitive representation of mathematics, thus, creating the central characteristics of a mathematical view of the world.

These attitudes and beliefs represent a global partial structure as four main dimensions, which was primary the goal of the survey. The structure derived from the significant, partial correlations forms a graph which corresponds with the theoretical presumptions of leading antagonistic views of mathematics as a ‘process’ and as a system.’ The ‘formalism’ and ‘scheme’ aspects (schematic orientation) positively correlate with one another and represent both aspects of a static view of mathematics as a ‘system.’ They stand in opposition to the dynamical view of mathematics as a process. The aspect concerning the applicability of mathematics is only significantly connected with the aspect ‘process.’ Thus, the mathematical world view is relatively consistent and coherent.

Differences in the global view of mathematics regarding the aspects of ‘formalism’, ‘process’ and ‘application’ among teachers of varying school types could not be proven. There were significant, provable differences only within the ‘scheme aspect.’

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  • Stefan Grigutsch
    • 1
  • Ulrich Raatz
    • 2
  • Günter Törner
    • 3
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  2. 2.FB ErziehungswissenschaftenUniversität DuisburgDuisburgDeutschland
  3. 3.FB MathematikUniversität DuisburgDuisburgDeutschland

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