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New V8 gasoline engine by Mercedes-Benz

  • Peter Lückert
  • Erhard Rau
  • Anton Waltner
Cover Story Mercedes-Benz V8 Gasoline Engine


The new V8 engine is the crowning achievement of the “New Generation of V-engines (NGV)” from Mercedes-Benz. It’s harmonious torque characteristics with high torque already at lower engine speeds guarantees best tractive power and ensures driving pleasure for sprints at higher engines speeds. Modular and vehicle-specific adjustments enable a customer-friendly acoustic design ranging from exceptional sportiness to optimal comfort. Quality, reliability, and economy are also ensured by the flexible coordinated production and widespread component sharing within the “New Generation of V-engines” between V6 and V8 engines


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Neuer V8-Ottomotor von Mercedes-Benz


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  • Peter Lückert
  • Erhard Rau
  • Anton Waltner

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