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Pressure sensor glow plug for diesel engines

  • Hans Houben
  • Arno Marto
  • Frank Pechhold
  • Michael Haußner
  • Marc Borgers
Development Ignition


Future emission limits for diesel vehicles are demanding a further drastic reduction in exhaust gas components particles and nitric oxide. Since these values cannot be represented with combustion tuning measures alone at the moment, the active exhaust gas post-treatment will become a permanent technological component in the diesel engine. In addition, the combustion will have to be optimised by a closed-loop control to also reduce the basic emissions considerably. Beru AG has developed a combustion chamber sensor for this which is integrated in the glow plug.


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Drucksensor-Glühkerze für Dieselmotoren


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  • Hans Houben
  • Arno Marto
  • Frank Pechhold
  • Michael Haußner
  • Marc Borgers

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