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Reducing NOx emissions using the humid air motor concept

  • Emmanuel Riom
  • Lars-Ola Larsson
  • Ulf Hagström
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The use of water to prevent NOx formation during the combustion process is well known. The H.A.M. system (Humid Air Motor) is an original and promising solution compared to current methods. This system involves evaporating large quantities of water at the compressor outlet of the turbocharger in order to bring the charge air close to saturation. This article by Munters Euroform describes the principle that has been implemented in a diesel engine by S.E.M.T. Pielstick.


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Verminderung des NOx-Ausstoßes von Dieselmotoren mit dem „Humid Air Motor“-Prinzip


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  • Emmanuel Riom
  • Lars-Ola Larsson
  • Ulf Hagström

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