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The first continuously variable intake system in the new eight-cylinder engine from BMW

  • Klaus Hirschfelder
  • Werner Völkl
  • Hans-Ulrich Kühnel
  • Walther Sinn
  • Armin Huck
Cover Story Air Intake System


The new BMW V8 petrol engine is the first standard production engine in the world to be equipped with an intake module in which the length of the intake ports can be continuously varied. As a completely new development, this is the initial implementation of the concept of ideal adaptation of the lengths of the ports to the desired engine speed characteristics. The torque and therefore the engine output have been considerably increased, especially at high engine speeds. Pierburg, the system supplier, has succeeded in realising a complex yet at the same time light-weight module by the specific use of light-weight materials such as magnesium and plastic.


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Die erste stufenlos variable Sauganlage im neuen Achtzylindermotor von BMW


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  • Klaus Hirschfelder
  • Werner Völkl
  • Hans-Ulrich Kühnel
  • Walther Sinn
  • Armin Huck

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