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Realistic road modelling for the real-time simulation of vehicle dynamics

Realistische Straßenmodellierung für die Fahrdynamiksimulation in Echtzeit


The computer-aided development of vehicle dynamics control units makes growing demands on the simulation environment. In addition to a detailed model of the vehicle, the realistic simulation of driving dynamics requires a model that can represent various road geometries and conditions. The following article presents a complex road model that is implemented in the ve-Dyna Advanced Road from the company Tesis Dynaware GmbH. The efficient implementation permits both fast PC applications and real-time simulation on suitable hardware.

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Butz, T., Ehmann, M., von Stryk, O. et al. Realistic road modelling for the real-time simulation of vehicle dynamics. ATZ Worldw 106, 11–13 (2004).

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  • Spline Function
  • Vehicle Dynamic
  • Road Width
  • Vehicle Trajectory
  • Road Model