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Explosive joining of precious metals

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Though it might appear merely as a curiosity at first sight, explosives have already been employed for the integral welding of dissimilar metals to yield functional composites for use mainly in shipbuilding, off-shore and chemical installations. We have now explored the use of this technology for the joining of thin precious metal sheets with other metals. A variety of two-coloured semi-fabricates with potential ornamental applications in jewelry were produced. The bond strength and the formability of the various materials combinations were examined.


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Dr Andreas Blatter is a lecturer in Applied Physics at the University of Berne and head of the R&D Department at PX Tech. His research interest has been in non-equilibrium processing and metastable materials. The core domain of PX Tech is the metallurgy, in particular for the watch, jewellery and medical sector. This includes notably the development of precious and special alloys, related technologies, and materials characterization, as well as corrosion and biocompatibility studies

David Peguiron received his degree in metallurgy from the University of Neuchätel. He was working on shape memory alloys and iron-aluminides for turbine applications. Three years ago he joined PX Tech, where he has been in charge of metallurgical developments.

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Blatter, A., Peguiron, D.A. Explosive joining of precious metals. Gold Bull 31, 93–98 (1998). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF03214769

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  • Welding
  • Gold Alloy
  • Dissimilar Metal
  • Metallurgical Bond
  • Explosive Welding