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Bionomics of hill-stream cyprinids. III. Food, parasites and length-weight relationship of Garhwal mahaseer,Tor tor (Ham.)


829Tor tor (Ham.) were examined for food habits, parasites and length-weight relationships. Parabolic equations describing the body length-body weight relationships wereW=0·0009298l 2.0553;W=0·-0013146L 1.9769, andW=0·0010884L 1.9501 for females, males and pooled fishes respectively. The regression coefficients of the <15·0 cm, 15·1–20·0 cm and >20·1 cm length classes and sexes were found to be significantly different from One another and from 3. The regression coefficients of the fishes of larger size classes were higher than those of the fishes of <15·0 cm size classes.

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  • Gut contents
  • parasites
  • length-weight relationship
  • regression coefficient
  • parasitocoenosis
  • variance
  • Himalayan riverine ecosystem