Preparation and structure of some Ln2MoO5 oxides

  • A Manthiram
  • J Gopalakrishnan
Physical and Theoretical


Ln2MoO5 oxides where Ln=La, Pr, Nd, Sm, Gd, Tb, Dy, Ho and Y have been prepared by hydrogen-reduction of the corresponding Ln2MoO6 at 800–900°C. The lighter Ln2MoO5 oxides (Ln=La, Pr and Nd) crystallize in a monoclinic Yb2ReO5 structure, while the heavier ones along with the yttrium compound are formed in an anion-deficient fluorite type structure. The latter on annealing at 1200° C in vacuum also transform to the Yb2ReO5 structure type.


Ln2MoO5 oxides preparation and structure 


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© Indian Academy of Sciences 1978

Authors and Affiliations

  • A Manthiram
    • 1
  • J Gopalakrishnan
    • 2
  1. 1.Department of ChemistryIndian Institute of TechnologyMadras
  2. 2.Solid State and Structural Chemistry UnitIndian Institute of ScienceBangalore

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