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Scapegoats, villains, and disasters

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Thomas E. Drabek (left), assistant professor of sociology at the University of Denver, is completing research on family reactions to a 1964 Denver flash flood. His monograph, Disaster in Aisle 13, a case study of organizational response to the 1963 Indianapolis Coliseum explosion will be published by the Ohio State University Disaster Research Center where he was formerly a research associate.

Enrico L. Quarantelli, professor of sociology at Ohio State University, is co-director of the Disaster Research Center. He is currently doing research on organizational functioning in stress situations, particularly focusing on the emergence of new groups in disaster settings.

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Drabeck, T.E., Quarantelli, E.L. Scapegoats, villains, and disasters. Trans-action 4, 12–17 (1967).

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