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Prevalence of anaemia in patients with Diabetes Mellitus



Anaemia is an increasingly recognised entity in patients with diabetes mellitus.


We aimed to determine the prevalence of anaemia in our population of patients with diabetes, and to examine the factors associated with anaemia.


The haemoglobin (Hb) levels in a consecutive series of patients attending for annual review of their diabetes over a three-month period were measured. Patients were classified as anaemic as per the WHO criteria.


During the period of study, 270 patients attended for review. Eleven per cent of males and 16% of females were anaemic. Seventy four per cent of anaemic patients had a serum creatinine <110μmol/l and 72% of anaemic patients had a calculated creatinine clearance of >60ml/min.


Anaemia was relatively common in patients attending for routine out-patient diabetes clinic review. The high prevalence of anaemia supports the routine screening for anaemia in the diabetes out-patient clinic, including in those without overt nephropathy.

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