The application of carotid intima-media thickness and plaque measurements in preventive medical examinations
  • M. R. M. Blekemolen
  • M. I. C. Vodegel
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In a cross-sectional study of 278 Dutch employees aged 45 and older (voluntary participation, 60% response) focused on preventive cardiovascular risk management (PMO), a comparison was made between the results of exercise testing (XECG), a cardiovascular risk stratification (SCORE) and a Carotid IMT Plus Plaque sonograph (C-IMT+P). CIMT plus is a valid, reproducible and non-invasive method detecting (early stage) atherosclerosis. SCORE predicts the fatal risk of coronary disorders within 10 years based on a combination of risk factors. C-IMT+P is a standardized ultrasonic measurement of the entire carotid trajectory. Exercise and sports activities were determined with the Physical Activity Questionnaire as applied in the Longitudinal Aging Study Amsterdam.


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  • M. R. M. Blekemolen
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  • M. I. C. Vodegel
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