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On the nectar secretion in the coconut flowers (Cocos nucifera, Linn.)

Summary and Conclusions

  1. (1)

    Septal nectaries and hydathodes are for the first time reported in the coconut.

  2. (2)

    Nectar is secreted by the stigmatic surface and by three septal nectaries which are provided with outlets below the stigma. There are no secreting glands at the base of the ovary.

  3. (3)

    The epidermal hydathodes exude a liquid in the region below the stigma. Under South Indian conditions, in the tall type of palms, this exudation occurs before stigmatic receptivity, and does not exclude ants from reaching the stigma.

  4. (4)

    In the male flowers also the secretion of nectar is effected by septal nectaries situated in the pistillode.

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Contribution No. 5 of the Oil Seeds Section, Department of Agriculture, Madras.

The author’s thanks are due to Dr. J. S. Patel, the Oil Seeds Specialist, for much valuable guidance during the course of the work.

Communicated by Dr. J. S. Patel,, ph.d.

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