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Laryngology as applied to phonosurgery (A brief appraisal)


This is a humble attempt at consolidating and distilling the meagre knowledge of and experience in phonosurgery acquired over the last quarter of a century. After total laryngectomy a Neo-Larynx (comprising Neo-epiglottis and Neoglottis) is constructed from the upper ends of the trachea and oesophagus without using any extraneous inert material. Neo-epiglottis is constructed by a tongue-shaped flap from the posterior tracheal wall which is introduced into the oesophagus through a transverse cut in its anterior wall. A samll cartilage bar is incorporated in the lower margin of the cut which along with the neo-epiglottis acts as the neoglottis meant to phonate tracheooesophageally.

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  • Total Laryngectomy
  • Radical Neck Dissection
  • Oesophageal Wall
  • Artery Forceps
  • External Laryngeal Nerve