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Validity of audio vestibular tests in topographical diagnosis of Labyrinthopathies


The existing neuro-otological battery to recognise labyrinthopathy namely the recruitment of loudness and hyporeflexy of induced vestibular nystagmus, are inadequate to pinpoint the topographical localisation to the labyrinth. They are at the best positive in 95% cases. Those relatively more often positive are, the nonspecific signs of vestibulocochlear disorders. Apart from the stage and extent of lesion of the labyrinth, the validity of these tests also depends upon the aetiology of labyrtinthopathy. For the accurate diagnosis of labyrinthopathy, therefore, the circumstantial, clinical, biochemical and radiological factors are to be taken into consideration.

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  • Central Lesion
  • Endolymphatic Hydrops
  • Nonspecific Sign
  • Positional Nystagmus
  • Speech Discrimination Score