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Taiwan’s WTO accession: Meeting the requirements


In applying to join the World Trade Organization, the separate customs territory of Taiwan, Penghou, Kinmen and Matsu—Taiwan for short—is trying to go the extra mile. In the “accession” negotiations, it is making doubly sure that its foreign trade regime conforms to WTO rules, that its market-opening commitments match or exceed those made by similar economies in the Uruguay Round agreements and that its laws, regulations and practices are transparent. In shifting from bilateral trading arrangements to the multilateral system, Taiwan would dispense with preferences in favor of certain countries, which expect to be compensated if they are to support its accession. In applying as a developed economy, Taiwan has met almost all the WTO’s implicit requirements, while outstanding issues can be resolved if its trading partners have the will to do so.

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and acts as legal adviser to the Ministry of Economic Affairs on Taiwan’s accession to the WTO. She is a member of both the Fair Trade Commission and the International Trade Commission in the Executive Yuan.

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