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RETRACTED ARTICLE: Two-dimensional simulation of percolation structure in two-phase composites

  • Soon-Gi Shin


Two-dimensional simulations were conducted on a percolation structure in which second phases of various aspect ratios were arranged in a matrix phase. The second phases were randomly arranged in an array with two different computational programs, one prohibiting overlap among second phases and the other allowing overlap. From the simulation where overlap is prohibited, it was predicted that a continuous path was formed at lesser amounts of the second phase with higher aspect ratios. In the simulation allowing the overlap, a continuous path throughout the array was formed by arranging a second phase having an aspect ratio of 5, where this phase (complete path) accounts for less than 43% of the array.


simulation composites percolation structure second phase aspect ratio 


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Division of Advanced Materials and Chemical EngineeringKangwon National UniversityGangwonSouth Korea

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