Effects of uniaxial stress on the magnetic properties of laser scribed grain oriented 3.2% Si steel


Effects of laser scribing on the magnetic properties of commercial grain-oriented 3.2% Si steels were investigated. Laser scribing was shown to play a significant role in reducing the core loss of tension-coated grainoriented (GO) Si steels. The reduction ratio of the core loss was dependent on the applied strees conditions and orientation of magnetic domains. Longitudinal tensile stress contributes to the increase of magnetic flux density. Laser scribing contributes to the redistribution of magnetic domains and creates 90° magnetic domains. GO Si steel is described by negative values of magnetostriction. Laser scribing results in magnetostriction positive values whereas application of tensile stress causes negative magnetostriction.

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  • grain-oriented Si steel
  • laser scribing
  • magnetostriction
  • stress