Feasibility of electro-slag cast steel for hot-working tools


A study on electro-slag cast steel has been performed to assess the feasibility of its use in hot-working tools in place of traditional forged steels. In this study, some important material properties that are essential for the proper performance of hot-working tool steels have been measured. The properties of the electro-slag cast steel are compared with those of hot-working tool steels currently used in industrial practices. The use of electro-slag cast steel in specific applications has been evaluated and compared with the operational performance of currently used steels in industrial environments. The wear resistance, impact toughness, thermal fatigue resistance, and repair weldability of electro-slag cast steel have been determined. The material properties were found to be comparable to existing hot-working tool steels. The number of effective blows obtained from an industrial application test also confirms that electro-slag cast steel is a feasible material for hot-working tools.

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  • electro-slag casting
  • hot-working tool steel
  • thermal fatigue
  • repair weldability
  • wear resistance