On the growth of meromorphic functions of infinite order



Letf be a meromorphic function of infinite order,T(r, f) its Nevanlinna (or Ahlfors-Shimizu) characteristic, andM(r, f) its maximum modulus. It is proved that
$$\mathop {\lim \inf }\limits_{r \to \infty } \frac{{\log M(r,f)}}{{rT'(r,f)}} \leqslant \pi and\mathop {\lim \inf }\limits_{r \to \infty } \frac{{\log M(r,f)}}{{T(r,f)\psi (log T(r,f))}} = 0$$
. if ϕ (x)/x is non-decreasing, ϕ′(x)<-√ϕ(x) and ∝ dx/ϕ(x) < ∞.


Entire Function Meromorphic Function Absolute Constant Maximum Modulus Infinite Order 


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