Fibromyxoma larynx-emergency management

  • R. D. Pathak
Clinical Report


Laryngeal tumours are not uncommon. Great majorities of cordal benign tumours are non-neoplastic. The important tumours are polyps and nodes, cysts, non-specific granulome of vocal process, papillary keratosis, laryngocoele and primary amyloiosis. These are mostly non-neoplostic tumours. Papiloma, Fibroma, Angioma, Chondroma, Adenoma, are the other varieties of laryngeal tumour which are neoplastie. Fibroma is mostly seen at the junction of middle and anterior thirds of the vocal lords. Fibromyxoma is a rare variety and can be confirmed by histopathology. Myxomatous tissue is invariably interspersed between fibrous tissue in fibromyxoma and their treatment is by complete endoscopie removal (Micro Laryngeal surgery) under anaesthesia.


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