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Evaluation of the laxative effect of some commonly used laxative substances: with particular reference to dosage


Habitual constipation is a common disorder, which, some opinion to the contrary notwithstanding, frequently requires laxative drugs for its most satisfactory treatment.

The effects of some of the most commonly used laxatives are compared.

The U. S. P. dose of phenolphthalein (0.06 Gm.) or of aromatic fluidextract of cascara sagrada (2 cc.) is ineffective. 0.20 Gm. of phenolphthalein and 4 cc. of aromatic flu:dextract of cascara sagrada are the optimal doses.

The aged and children require larger doses of phenolphthalein than the average adult.

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Aided by a grant from Phenolphthalein Research, Inc.

This study was started under the direction of the late Dr. B. Fantus. The Misses H. Dyniewicz, Ph.C., E. Redding, R.N., E. Carlson co-operated in these investigations.

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