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Studies on the antitumor activity of polyphase liposome of ricinoleic acid containing selenium


Emulsion and polyphase liposome (PL) of ricinoleic acid (RA) and RA containing selenium (Se-RA) were prepared by tween- 80 treatment and injection-ultrasonic method. Their antitumor effects were testedin vitro andin vivo. As a result, the emulsion of RA (91) and Sc-RA (92) can completely kill the mouse ascites tumor cells of S180 in vitro (500 µg/ml). While, 97% cells of the control group still survive. When testedin vim, 91 and 92 were injected into mice peritoneally (200 mg/Kg/day) for 7 days, their inhibit rate on S180 are 30. 6% (P<0. 05) and 33. 3% (P<0.05) respectively. For the PL of RA (113) and Se-RA (114), the inhibit rate are 58% (P<0. 001) and 61.4% (P<0. 001) respectively (400 mg/kg/day). The result of3H-TdR incorporation experiment indicates that the possible antitumor mechanism of Se-Ra is that it can inhibit the incorporation of3H- TdR into tumor cells and hense inhibit the DNA synthesis of the tumor cells.

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