Evaluation of subcutaneous cartilage autografts — an experimental study


Cartilage is a useful graft material especially in facial recomtructive procedures. Doubis have been expressed regarding their viability and ability to retain the original shape in the long term. In our study spanning over a period of 6 to 16 months, 36 autografts cartilage grafts suitably tagged were implanted in subcutaneous pockets of rabbits. Special care was taken to prevent tile grafts lying in contact with the incision wound. At the end of the study period the grafts were assessed for change of shape and studied histologically. In this series the recovery rate was 83.3% with all the recovery grafts being found viable histologically. Hence cartilage is a useful graft in subcutaneous planes, especially when placed away from the incision line. Alteration in the shape of the graft was noticed in 50% of the grafts in out series. Factors leading to the change of shape are discussed.

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