Synthesis of the sednet work package 2 outcomes

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  1. Behrendt H, Huber P, Kornmilch M, Opitz D, Schmoll O, Scholz G, Uebe R (2000): Nutrient balances of German river basins. UBA-Texte 23/00, 261 pp, Berlin, Germany

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  2. Vink RJ (2002): Heavy metal fluxes in the Elbe and Rhine river basins: Analysis and modelling. PhD Thesis, Vrije University, The Netherlands

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Correspondence to Philip N. Owens or Sabine Apitz or Ramon Batalla or Alison Collins or Marc Eisma or Heinz Glindemann or Sjoerd Hoornstra or Harald Köthe or John Quinton or Kevin Taylor or Bernhard Westrich or Sue White or Helen Wilkinson.

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Owens, P.N., Apitz, S., Batalla, R. et al. Synthesis of the sednet work package 2 outcomes. J Soils & Sediments 4, 219–222 (2004).

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  • River Basin
  • Decision Support System
  • Sediment Flux
  • River Basin Scale
  • Contaminant Flux