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Malnutrition and deafness with low protein diet in Guinea Pigs


Effects of malnutrition on hearing is studied in Guinea pigs provided with a low protein diet and compared with a control group provided with the standard ICMR diet. The experimental group was given low protein diet for 16 weeks, whereas the control group was given the standard ICMR diet throughout the period. Once in a week these groups were subjected to assessment of body weight, serum total protein level and hearing level. In the experimental group there was loss of body weight, lowering of serum, total protein level and progressive loss of hearing throughout the period, more marked after 14–16 weeks. There was 50% mortality rate in the experimental group during the 12th to 16th week. After the 16th week the experimental group were provided with standard ICMR diet for the next 4 weeks. There was gradual improvement in body weight, serum total protein level and hearing level.

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