Anti-Helicobacter pylori activity of mushrooms


Inhibitory effects of the mushrooms on the growth and urease ofHelicobacter pylori (HP), which is associated with human gastroduodenal diseases such as gastritis, peptic ulcer and gastric carcinoma, were investigated. Most of the mushroom extracts did not show inhibitory effect on HP urease exceptCoriolus versicolar, Auricularia auricula, Sarcodon aspratus andFlammulina velutipes. The extract ofGanoderma lucidum, Coriolus versicolar, Gyropora esculenta andAgaricus bisporus var. albidus inhibited the growth of HP. When their extracts were fractionated, the ether fraction ofGanoderma lucidum andAgaricus bisporus var. albidus were the most effective. Among seven components seperated from the ether fraction ofG. lucidum extract by silica gel column chromatography, P3 was the most potent: MIC was 200 μg/ml. However, P3 did not inhibit the urease.

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