Complexation of the mycotoxin zearalenone with β-cyclodextrin: Study of the interaction and first promising applications


This work reports the study of the interactions between native and substituted β-cyclodextrins and zearalenone and its derivatives α- and β-zearelonol. The data obtained by fluorescence and NMR experiments suggested that zearalenone, α- and β-zearalenol and cyclodextrins give rise to host-guest complexation, with the inclusion of the phenolic moiety inside the cyclodextrin cavity. The high stability of these complexes induces a high fluorescence enhancement upon complexation. These results have been successfully applied to the spectrofluorimetric determination of zearalenone in maize raw samples, without any chromatographic separation.

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Dall’Asta, C., Faccini, A., Galaverna, G. et al. Complexation of the mycotoxin zearalenone with β-cyclodextrin: Study of the interaction and first promising applications. Mycotox Res 24, 14–18 (2008).

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  • zearalenone
  • zearalenol
  • cyclodextrins
  • inclusion complexes
  • maize
  • binding constant