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Occurrence of races and pathotypes of cucurbit powdery mildew in southeastern Spain


The causal agent of cucurbit powdery mildew in southeastern Spain has been investigated since 1996. Of the 139 single-spore isolates obtained, all were identified asSphaerotheca fusca. Four physiological races (1, 2, 4 and 5) of the pathogen were detected. During the survey, a population shift ofS. fusca was observed: race 1 was progressively replaced by other races. In addition, race coexistence was observed in several cucurbit greenhouses. Four host range patterns or pathotypes were distinguished among the isolates ofS. fusca. All isolates were highly aggressive on melon and especially on zucchini cultivars. No clear relationships between races and pathotypes could be established, although isolates virulent on watermelon were preferentially associated with race 1. These data show an apparent heterogeneity ofS. fusca populations in southeastern Spain that should be analyzed further.

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