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Comparisons between white ginseng radix and rootlet for antidiabetic activity and mechanism in KKAy mice

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The mechanisms responsible for the antidiabetic activity of both the white ginseng radix (Ginseng Radix Alba, GRA) and the rootlet (Ginseng Radix Palva, GRP) were investigated. After a four week oral administration, the fasting blood glucose levels in the GRA- and GRP-treated groups were lower when compared to the control group. To elucidate the hypoglycemic mechanism(s) of the ginseng radices, glucose absorption from the small intestine, hepatic hexokinase and glucose-6-phosphatase activities, in addition to PPAR-γ expression in adipose tissue were examined. The results strongly suggest that GRA can improve hyperglycemia in KKAy mice, possibly by blocking intestinal glucose absorption and inhibiting hepatic glucose-6-phosphatase, and GRP through the upregulation of adipocyte PPAR-γ protein expression as well as inhibiting intestinal glucose absorption.

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