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Contributions to aural surgery,part III.—Inflammatory affections of the membrana tympani and middle ear

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Additional information

Part I., upon the Causes and Treatment of Otorrhoea, appeared in the former Series of this Journal, for January, 1844, vol. xxiv. p. 388. This essay has been twice translated into German,—first by Dr. Von Hasselberg, of Stralsund, in 1846, and afterwards by Dr. Schmaltz, of Dresden, during of present year. Part II., upon the early History of Aural Surgery, and the Nosological Arrangement of Diseases of the Ear, appeared in that for May, 1844, vol. xxv. p. 422.

To students and those commencing the study of aural diseases, who may be familiar with the German language, I would recommend the perusal of the work of Dr. Martell Frank, “Practische Anleitung zur Erkenntnis und Behandlung der Ohrenkrankheiten”, &c. &c., Erlangen, 1845.

(To be continued.)

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