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Pharmacological activities of a new glycosaminoglycan, acharan sulfate isolated from the giant african snailachatina fulica


Acharan sulfate (AS) is a glycosaminoglycan (GAG) prepared from the giant African snail,Achatina fulica. In this study, some biological activities of AS were evaluated on the basis of structural similarities to heparin/heparan sulfate and the biological functions of GAGs. We demonstrated that it exhibited strong immunostimulating activities as measured by carbon clearance test in mice andin vivo phagocytosis. It also exhibited a significant hypoglycemic activity in epinephrine (EP)-induced hyperglycemia as well as antifatigue effects by weight-loaded forced swimming test. And it showed hypolipidemic activities in cholesterol-rich mixture induced hyperlipidemia in rats. The above results indicate that AS has diverse biological activities and suggest therapeutically important target molecules.

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  • Achatina fulica
  • Acharan sulfate
  • Immunomoulator
  • Hypoglycemic
  • Antifatigue
  • Hypolipidemic