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A New antioxidant monoterpene glycoside, α-benzoyloxypaeoniflorin fromPaeonia suffruticosa

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α-Benzoyloxypaeoniflorin (1), a new antioxidant monoterpene α-glycoside anomer was isolated fromPaeonia suffruticosa along with known compounds, β-benzoyloxypaeoniflorin (2), paeonolide, paeoniflorin and mudanpioside H. The structure of1 has been determined by comparing spectral data with those of β-benzoyloxypaeoniflorin(2). Compound1 exhibited moderately potent radical scavenging activity on DPPH radical.

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Ryu, G., Park, E.K., Joo, J.H. et al. A New antioxidant monoterpene glycoside, α-benzoyloxypaeoniflorin fromPaeonia suffruticosa . Arch. Pharm. Res. 24, 105–108 (2001).

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