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MFL-P chemotherapy for pretreated metastatic Breast Cancer patients: A regimen with triple biochemical modulation by MTX-5FU, LV-5FU and 5FU-CDDP

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Chemotherapeutic regimens, such as cyclophosphamide+doxorubicin+5FU (CAF) or cyclophosphamide+methotrexate+5FU (CMF), are sometimes used in combination with endocrine or radiotherapy as a standard first line of treatment for recurrent or metastatic breast cancer. However, many cases are, or become, refractory to these treatments.


Twenty-one women with recurrent or metastatic breast cancer who previously underwent treatment were administered our original regimen of combination chemotherapy, MFL-P: Day 1, bolus methotrexate (MTX) 50 mg/body (median dose, 33 mg/m2; range, 29–35 mg/m2) and 4 hours later 5-fluorouracil (5FU) 750 mg/body/h (median dose, 497 mg/m2/h; range, 441–528 mg/m2/h); Days 2–3, bolus leucovorin (LV) 15 mg/body every 8 h×3; Days 2–5, 72 hours continuous 5FU 750 mg/body/24 h; Day 6, cisplatin (CDDP) 50 mg/body/h (median dose, 33 mg/m2/h; range, 29–35 mg/m2/h) with sufficient hydration. The subjects ranged in age from 26 to 63 years (mean age, 51.3 years).


One complete and 9 partial responses were achieved among the 20 patients (response rate, 50%). In 1 patient, diffuse liver metastasis was not measurable. Among various metastatic sites, a higher response rate was observed especially for soft tissue lesions (skin, chest wall and lymph nodes; 9 responders among 11 lesions). On the other hand, in visceral or skeletal metastases, the response rate was poor. The adverse effects were tolerable in all patients, except for common low-grade stomatitis or anorexia.


MFL-P is useful as a second or third line of therapy for patients with refractory, recurrent or metastatic breast cancer with soft tissues lesions.

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Cyclophosphamide + ADR + 5FU


Cyclophosphamide + MTX + 5FU


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