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An experimental study on heat transfer characteristics for a horizontal tubular array in a high-temperature fluidized bed


Experiments were performed with an array of horizontal tubes, arranged in a regular equilateral triangular pattern, immersed in a fluidized bed. Three different bed operating temperatures were used, these being 705, 761 and 812 K. Data are reported for heat transfer between the bed and a centrally-located tube in the array. Both total and radiative heat transfer rates were measured for three different sizes of particles and for superficial velocities spanning the range from packed bed conditions to over twice the minimum fluidization velocity. Local heat transfer values, measured around the tube periphery, and integrated averages are reported for all test conditions.

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Ar :

Archimedes number\([ = \frac{{gDp^3 (\rho _p - \rho _f )\rho _f }}{{\mu _f^2 }}]\)

C ps :

Particle specific heat at constant pressure

Dp :

Particle diameter

\(\overline {Dp} \) :

Mean particle diameter

Dp i :

Mean open diameter in sieve

g :

Gravitational acceleration

h max :

Spatial-averaged maximum total heat transfer coefficient

k f :

Gas thermal conductivity

k p :

Particle thermal conductivity

Nu max :

Spatial-averaged maximum Nusselt number\([ = \frac{{h_{max} Dp}}{{k_f }}]\)

Umf :

Minimum fluidizing velocity

Uo :

Superficial velocity

ρ f :

Gas density

ρ p :

Particle density

μ f :

Gas viscosity

ε p :

Particle emissivity


Angle from lower stagnation point, degrees


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