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We have been for some time past engaged in collecting materials for a biography of Silvester O’Halloran, but although several of his descendants had existed in Limerick up to a very recent date, we have not been able to gather much of his domestic history. Our esteemed friend, Dr. Charles Kidd, of Limerick, to whose talent and learning we beg to make this public acknowledgment, has, however, furnished us with a sketch of the life of his distinguished townsman, of which it will be seen we have largely availed ourselves in the following memoir. We also beg to express our acknowledgments to Captain Henry D. O’Halloran, of the 69th Regiment, the grandson of the subject of this memoir, who has likewise furnished us with such materials as were in his posssession, and also placed at our disposal a miniature from which the accompanying engraving has been made. To the Rev. Mr. Murphy, P. P. Limerick, we are also under obligation. The miniature was copied by Mr. Connolly, and engraved here by Mr. M’Dowell.—Ed.

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Dixon, J., Hunter, S., Purefoy, J. et al. Medical miscellany. Dub.Quart.J.Med.Sci. 6, 210–250 (1848).

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