Quality of life in cancer patients

  • Peter Reizenstein


It is time to begin regarding the quality of life as a parameter equally important in the treatment of tumors as survival duration. Estimates of the quality of life are feasible if methodology is carefully considered, and such estimates should be an integral part of certain clinical trials. Continuing evaluation of performance status, times of hospitalization, quality of life and quality of terminal care should be necessary requirements, and the attitudes and opinions of patients and relatives should be taken into account.

Terminal care is still unsatisfactory in many cases, with a long, febrile, weak, undignified, painful period, sometimes lasting a month or more, preceding death. Medically feasible and ethically acceptable methods of helping these patients must be developed. Hospice principles that the patient is always right and that hospital routine and discipline must yield to the desires of the patient and the relatives during this terminal period can help. It is imperative to improve the terminal quality of life so that prolonged suffering can be prevented.


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