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Cancer risks and cancer prevention in Sweden

  • Gunnar Wennström
The Fear of Cancer


Sweden has had cancer and population registers since 1958, indicating an increasing total age-adjusted cancer incidence. The incidence of liver, prostate and urinary tract cancer, as well as of melanoma and lymphoma, is increasing, whereas that of stomach, cancer and Hodgkin's lymphoma is decreasing.

National public recommendations by the nutrition and exercise committee of the National Board of Health and Welfare to reduce fat, salt, energy and sugar intake and to increase fiber intake and exercise have existed for 20 yr. The purpose was initially to prevent cardiovascular diseases, later also to prevent breast and prostatic cancer.

Since the 1970s, Swedish women have been offered systematic gynecological health checks, resulting in a reduced incidence and mortality of cervix carcinoma.

Local Swedish studies suggest that systematic mammography, which is now recommended on a national basis, can reduce breast cancer mortality by 30%. It is estimated that between 300 and 1100 cases of bronchopulmonary carcinoma are partly caused by a dwelling environment with over 400 Bq radon m−3. General rebuilding of the 40,000 houses concerned is at present being considered.


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