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Mutual recognition of national regulations in the EC


The principle of the mutual recognition of national regulations is often seen as the best course towards the realization of the EC single market, but there still remains great uncertainty concerning the interpretation of this principle. Which companies must observe which regulations? Will there be changes affecting current competitive conditions?

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  1. This was explicitly confirmed by the European Court in the fruit vinegar judgement of 26th June 1980 (Case 788/79). Cf. also Ulrich Everling: Die rechtliche Ausgestaltung des EG-Binnenmarktes, in: Die Verwirklichung des EG-Binnenmarktes, Beihefte der Konjunkturpolitik, No. 36, 1990, pp. 75–91.

  2. EC Commission: Communication of the Commission on the effects of the judgement of the European Court of Justice dated 20th February 1979 on Case 120/78 (“Cassis de Dijon”), Official Bulletin No. C 256 of 3rd October 1980.

  3. Cf., e.g., Horst G. Krenzler: Zwischen Protektionismus und Liberalismus—Europäischer Binnenmarkt und Drittlandsbeziehungen, in: Europa-Archiv, No. 9, 1988, pp.241–248; Willy de Clercq: 1992: The Impact on the Outside World, Alpbach European Forum, Economic Symposium, 29th August 1988.

  4. On the following, cf. Michael Krakowski: Versicherungsmärkte, in: Otto G. Mayer, Hans-Eckart Scharrer, Hans-Jürgen Schmahl (eds.): Der Europäische Binnenmarkt—Perspektiven und Probleme, Hamburg 1989, pp. 151–173.

  5. This assessment was explicitly confirmed by the Commission in answer to a written question in the European Parliament from Beyer de Ryke, MEP; cf. Official Bulletin, No. C 92, 13th April 1982.

  6. Cf. on this Hans Günther Oberlack: Handelshemmnisse durch Produktstandards —ökonomische Aspekte ihrer Beseitigung, Hamburg 1990.

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