Applied Scientific Research, Section B

, Volume 4, Issue 1, pp 124–136 | Cite as

Calculation of some magnetic and electric fields with cylindrical symmetry

  • Yngve Axner


It is assumed that the magnetic and electric fields have cylindrical symmetry and at the same time mirror symmetry with respect to a median plane. The field strength in the median plane is given. The problem is to calculate the field at an arbitrary point in space, the equipotential surfaces, and the form of the polepieces of magnets. Solutions are given in the form of power expansions. Analytical solutions are given when the field strength in the median plane as a function of the radius is a polynomial.


Vector Potential Median Plane Cylindrical Symmetry Electric Vector Equipotential Surface 
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  • Yngve Axner
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  1. 1.Svenska Aeroplan ABJÖnköpingSweden

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