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Methods for quantitating hla gene product expression in the liver during Hepatitis B Virus infection

  • Massimo Pignatelli


HLA antigens play an important role in the immunological responses to transplanted organs and in tumor surveillance and antiviral immunity. In several liver diseases qualitative and quantitative changes in the HLA gene product expression can be found on hepatocytes, bile duct epithelium and sinusoidal lining cells and these changes may affect the efficacy of the immune system in recognizing an exogenous antigen. In this paper we describe methods for quantitating the changes in HLA antigen expression occurring in the liver during various phases of hepatitis B virus infection and the way in which we have attempted to identify possible mechanisms leading to chronicity.


Collagenase Hepatitis B virus HLA Immunofluorescence Microphotometer Monoclonal antibodies Radioimmunobinding 


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