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Cross-national policy transfer to developing countries: Prologue

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Martin de Jong is associate professor of policy, organisation and management at the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management of Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands. He publishes and lectures mainly on subjects of cross-national policy transfer, cross-cultural management and transport infrastructure policy. He is also responsible for the international master programme Engineering and Policy Analysis, for which he has helped to set up a Chinese counterpart with the same name.

Jean-Philippe Waaub is professor at the Department of Geography, University of Quebec at Montreal, and member of the Interdisciplinary Research Group in Geography and Regional Environment (GEIGER). His research focuses mainly on Strategic Environmental Assessment, decision aid tools applied to territorial and environmental management (multicriteria decision aid, ecological mapping, Integrated System for Decision Aid, Group Decision Support Systems) and techno-economic modeling of industrial systems in connection to climate change.

Otto Kroesen has a background in theology and philosophy, teaches ethics and communication at Delft University of Technology and is engaged in the research after a sociology and history of cultures, both European and non-European and their interaction in the ongoing process of globalization. He specifically publishes on the work of Rosenstock-Huessy on the history of societies and their respective achievements in terms of values, human types and rules as conditional to institutional and technological development.

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de Jong, M., Waaub, JP. & Kroesen, O. Cross-national policy transfer to developing countries: Prologue. Know Techn Pol 19, 3–8 (2007).

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