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Serial composition of human milk in preterm and term mothers

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Indian Journal of Clinical Biochemistry Aims and scope Submit manuscript


Human milk samples were collected from 86 mothers induced in the study on days 3, 7, 14 and 28 of lactation. The mothers were divided into three groups on the basis of gestation viz. group 1: 37–41 weeks (n=41), group II: 33–36 (n=23) and group III: <33 weeks gestation (n=22). All the samples were analysed for the estimation of fat, lactose and protein. The results obtained from the investigations were statistically analysed. The analysis of the results revealed a lower amount of fat and lactose in preterm milk as compared to term milk (p<0.01). These were found to increase in amount with increasing postnatal age (p<0.05). The protein levels were observed to be significantly higher in preterm than term milk (p<0.01). These were observed to decrease significantly with increase in postnatal age (p<0.01).

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