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Bent passions: Heterosexual masculinity, pornography, and gay male identity

  • Fred Fejes


Gay male pornography, as an expression of gay male sexuality, identity and desire requires a set of assumptions and questions different than those used in interrogating heterosexual pornography. Drawing upon Linda Williams’ argument that heterosexual pornography creates utopias of sexual abundance, this paper examines the manner in which gay male pornography likewise creates sexual utopias that both express gay male desire but which also, at the same time, attempt to confront and resolve the conflict between such desire and the overarching dominant heterosexual sex system.


Sexual Desire Heterosexual Masculinity Stag Film Pornographic Text Lesbian Pornography 
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  • Fred Fejes
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  1. 1.Department of CommunicationFlorida Atlantic UniversityBoca Raton

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