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Differential diagnosis of hepatitis and liver cirrhosis by means of cholecystography


19 patients suffering from acute or subacute hepatitis and 19 cases of liver cirrhosis were subjected to cholecystography with dye given per os in the usual manner, at a time when the icterus index was below 1:30. The shadow of the gallbladder appeared normal in 15 cases of hepatitis, was less pronounced than normal in 3 cases, and in one case in which the patient suffered also from cholelithiasis, it did not appear at all. In the cases of liver cirrhosis, the shadow of the gallbladder did not appear normal in any of the cases; in 6 of the cases a slight shadow was observable, and in 13 cases, no shadow could be observed. A comparison with some hepatic function tests also suggested that cholecystography may be of some help in the differential diagnosis of hepatitis and liver cirrhosis.

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