Rapid oscillations of Chinese monsoon climate since the last deglaciation and its comparison with GISP2 record


The geographic extent of the climate oscillations during the last deglaciation is an open question in the world. Here a high resolution climate record from a 16 000 C-14 a loess sequence in the northwestern margin of the Chinese Loess Plateau is reported. Comparison with GISP2 record shows that all major climate oscillation (e. g. Oldest Dryas/ Boiling/ Older Dryas/ Allerod/ Younger Dryas) in the North Atlantic region also registered in the record. In addition, the sequence also contains some other distinctive strengthened winter monsoon periods. It is suggested that a coupling mechanism operate between the two areas, and climate oscillations in the North Atlantic region may not be a local phenomenon.

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  • last deglaciation
  • loess record
  • monsoon cliamte