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Mapping of the nuclear fertility restorer gene for HL cytoplasmic male sterility in rice using microsatellite markers

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Chinese Science Bulletin


Bulked segregant analysis (BSA) of a BC, population derived from Congguang 41A//Miyang 23/Congguang 41B was used to map the nuclear fertility restorer gene for Honglian (HL) cytoplasmic male sterility. One hundred and fifty-nine microsatellite primer pairs were screened for polymorphisms between the parents and between two bulks representing fertile and sterile plants. One microsatellite marker RM258 produced polymorphic products. The nuclear fertility restorer gene for HL cytoplasmic male sterility was mapped on chromosome 10, 7.8cM from RM258. The restorer gene may be clustered on chromosome.

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Huang, Q., He, Y., Jing, R. et al. Mapping of the nuclear fertility restorer gene for HL cytoplasmic male sterility in rice using microsatellite markers. Chin. Sci. Bull. 45, 430–432 (2000).

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