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Relationship between transpiration and respiration in plants during the dark period


Energetic aspects of the relation between transpiration and respiration during the dark period were evaluated. One-year old seedlings of three trees, one bush and one annual plant were grown in controlled conditions. Experiments were performed under uniform environment during the day and two regimes of air relative humidity (RH) during the night, low (50 - 65 %) and high (95 %). For all investigated plant species the dark transpiration rate (E), the free energy of respiratory substrate, the entropy production and the free energy balance (FEB) of the dark respiration were higher at low than at high RH. E was linearly related to the FEBr 2 ranged between 0.63 and 0.90)

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air relative humidity


entropy production

G/dgrt :

free energy of respiratory substratum

G/dgrt 2 :

free energy balance(FEB) of dark respiration


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