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Effect of season of collection of explants on micropropagation ofChrysanthemum morifolium


The season of collection of shoot tips from field-grown plants ofChrysanthemum morifolium cv. Birbal Salmi was found to be crucial for their proliferation and establishment of plants in vitro. Shoot tips collected only during the period of March to April proliferated and survived. Shoot apices and segments of leaf, stem (nodal und internodal) and root, excised from aseptically established plants, were cultured on Murashige and Skoog’s medium supplemented with different concentrations and combinations of Kn, BAP, IAA and NAA. A maximum number of 9 off-shoots differentiated, without intervening callus formation, from a shoot tip in a treatment containing 1.5 mg l−1 BAP and 0.1 mg−1 NAA in 60 days. A single-node stem segment produced less shoots in the same treatment. Other kinds of expiants produced only callus. About 2-cm-long shoots, excised from cultures of proliferating shoots, were rooted 100 %, acclimatized and grown in soil. They grew normally and flowered true-to-type.

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