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Modified assay procedure for the estimation of serum glucose using microwell reader


Determination of blood glucose levels is very important to know the physiological condition of the human beings as the hormonal imbalance may cause abnormalities in glucose metabolism. The traditional methods of glucose estimation by colorimetric and titrimetric methods were involved with huge expenditure and time. The modified colorimetric microwell reader method proposed in the present study was performed with small quantities of sample and reagents with the same linearity that was observed in the normal colorimetric analysis. The modified method not only reduces the cost of the test to almost one third of the normal colorimetric method but also provide an opportunity to screen the large number of samples in a short duration of time.

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Srikanth, M., Rao, G.V. & Rao, K.R.S.S. Modified assay procedure for the estimation of serum glucose using microwell reader. Indian J Clin Biochem 19, 34 (2004).

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